Solar power utility costs savings

A lot of the benefits due to the fact that the introduction of solar power!

Plenty of power generation to the time zone in which the sun is out at home,
and use well as electricity in the home.

Electricity surplus to the power company will be able to sell.
Electricity sales unit prices have been about twice so far than in November 2009 (about 48 yen per 1kWh),
there is more and more deals feeling.

And at night you can not power generation from the power company can buy the power at a rate of about 1/3 ※ 1 fee.
Higher selling electricity, if good use of solar power can buy cheap,
very utility costs can save.

※ 1: If you compare the time zone lights contract and usage-based electric light contract. For details of your nearest dealer, please contact your power company.

And is even more deals in conjunction with the all-electric.
Do not use the introduced gas and oil the Eco Cute and IH cooking heater
When all-electric homes, because Ri there is a rate system ※ 2 to become a further discount,
you will be helping households as green living. karate in jupiter

Using the atmosphere of heat warmed the system and the sun to use solar photovoltaic power generation as
Eco Cute boil water. Sun the two systems that take advantage of the grace of,
twin solar has attracted a very attention now.

※ 2: good electrification and all-electric housing discount in the Tokyo Electric Power Company, the Kansai Electric Power Co.,
as such as Happy e plan and Happy e time, the electricity rate plan of the all-electric-only
have been carried out in each of the power company. For more information, please contact your local power company.

And surplus electricity can be sold.

To the power company, electricity surplus without at home will be able to sell.

Electricity sales unit price is about twice that of the past than in November 2009 (about 48 yen per 1kWh) next,
the best deals feeling was better even more.

It is automatically bought by get mechanism without loss.

The introduction of this system to reduce CO2 emissions can contribute to the environment
is a clean system that does not generate CO2 during power generation.

The more the place to be introduced at home
also helps to CO2 emissions of suppression.
The combination of all-electric and solar power generation, also CO2 can be reduced by approximately 58%.
Big and contribute to the protection of the global environment.

Please leave if the cost or estimated price solar power plant estimates of system

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